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Official Launch of Mawar Indah

 It was a very special day for Kota Seriemas. A very big thank you for those who came to make this event a successful one. 

Mawar Indah is open for sales. Freehold. Limited Units. From RM 413,888* Please contact 06-7909988 or log onto for more information. 
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Don't forget to ENJOY LIFE~

Kota Seriemas Golf Club Launch

 Merasmikan Kota Seriemas Golf & Country Club (KSGCC) dan Golf PNBD 2017 serta ke Galeri Mawar Indah di KSGCC, Nilai.

Qaseh - Tercipta Sebuah Kota Cinta

The much awaited mini drama series Qaseh, starring Tiz Zaqiah and Ungku Ismail, has started with the premiere screening of Episode 1 on 11 March 2017. Follow the series as new episodes will be aired here every week.

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Kota Seriemas Property Gala

Official Sales Launch Mawar Qaseh & Home & Living Expo 2016

Laman Mawar Double Storey Terrace House

Majlis Rumah Terbuka Hari Raya PNBD 2016

Kota Seriemas Pra Ramadhan Raya Sales Fiesta

Minggu Saham Amanah Malaysia 2016

Easy Home and Family Fun Carnival